Office of the University Registrar

More Information: Duplicate XX Credit

Enter the final two digits to tell DARS which course you want to use/block.

If you find two or more identical XX courses, like these, on the SRU330 screen:

							0 MATH  1XX  __
							0 MATH  1XX  01
							0 MATH  1XX  02

Use 02 to indicate the third course.

							0 MATH  1XX  02

Use 00 to indicate the first course.

							0 MATH  1XX  00

NOTE: If the student has MATH 1XX at each of two or more schools, write to We’ll assign different codes.


  • You can do this yourself if the prefix belongs to your department. Just change one of them to, say, MATH 1XX 50 on the SRF 325–>330 screen.
  • If the quarter taken appears on the audit, e.g., AU06, you can use it. Place the QTR/YEAR of the course you want to use/block in both fields in the quarter range: AUT/2006 through AUT/2006. (If the quarter is ‘0000’—you can’t use it.)