Office of the University Registrar

Completing DARS Exceptions SDB

Exception Types

  1. Requirement Update (RU): Is the most common exception which can modify requirements in several ways. The Requirement (RU) Exception Guide leads you through the process of creating an RU exception on the SDB. On EARS, a question mark ( ? ) invites you to click for help with specific items.
  2. RR: To allow the use of a course that does not meet the minimum grade for a requirement, follow the Guide for the RR Exception, available from the 370 screen of the SDB only.
    Note: Not available on EARS.
  3. Area of Inquiry (AofI): To assign an AofI to a UW variable/special topics course or very old course, follow the procedures in Flagging UW Courses for Areas of Inquiry (CS exception).

Reference Tables

The following Reference Tables aid advisers with RU and RR exceptions. They contain all Requirement Names (PSNAMEs) and fields to use:

If symbols in the audit are confusing, review the Key to Reading the Degree Audit.