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Frequently Asked Questions

Enrollment Confirmation Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay the ECD?

Log back into your Graduate School application. You will go to your application’s “status” to confirm your acceptance and pay.

I want to accept my Graduate School offer. Do I have to pay the ECD now to formally accept the offer? Can I just e-mail my UW department to accept?

You should confirm acceptance by logging into your Graduate School application, choosing “I accept” and paying the ECD.

Is there a deadline to pay the ECD?

Yes. You must have completed the confirmation process using the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit by Census Day each quarter, which is the second Friday of any given quarter. And, since you cannot register for the quarter without paying the ECD, you will not be able to register for a particular quarter if you have not completed the Enrollment Confirmation System process by Census Day.

I will be a concurrent student (enrolled in two programs simultaneously). Do I have to submit two enrollment confirmation deposits (ECDs)?

Yes. You should confirm your enrollment in both programs by paying two ECDs.

I was admitted for Autumn Quarter and I paid the ECD already, but I cannot enroll until Spring Quarter. Do I need to pay a new ECD for Spring Quarter enrollment?

Refer to the Graduate School’s Understanding the Application Process page under the “After Applying” section. If you are approved to have your application quarter moved, then your ECD will also be moved to the new quarter. You would not submit a new ECD then.

I accepted and paid the ECD for Program A. But now I want to accept Program B’s offer instead. Can I transfer the ECD from Program A to B?

No. ECD payments are not transferable from one program to another program. You should pay a new ECD for Program B.

My tuition is being paid by a third party (parents, home country government, employer, etc). How can the ECD be paid on my behalf by my sponsor?

The Enrollment Confirmation System (ECS) does not allow third party payment of the ECD. However, when you submit your ECD payment, you will receive an automatic e-mail receipt, which you can use for a reimbursement request.