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Former Quarter Drop


Special instructions for students to submit a Former Quarter Drop (f.k.a. Hardship Withdrawal Petition) for Winter or Spring 2020 More information…

Current Quarter Drop – Coming Autumn 2020 This class drop process will allow students, during the 3rd to 7th week of the quarter, to drop one course per quarter (similar to the former Annual Drop process) and to then submit requests for adviser review and discussion for any or all remaining courses. Advisers will discuss the drop requests with students and will forward the request to the registrar to drop the classes on behalf of the student.

Former Quarter Drop Policy

The Former Quarter Drop policy is governed by the University’s Scholastic Regulations Chapter 113. The UW faculty recently approved amendments to the regulations to create the Current Quarter Drop and Former Quarter Drop (FQD) withdrawal policies.
Scholastic Regulations – Chapter 113

Former Quarter Drop (f.k.a. Hardship Withdrawal Petition) – This process provides students with a mechanism to petition for a grade earned in a former quarter (beginning Spring 2020) to be changed to a Registrar Drop (RD). Petitions for quarters Winter 2020 and earlier will continue to have grades changed to Hardship Withdrawal (HW).

A Former Quarter Drop (FQD) may be granted by the Office of the University Registrar (OUR) if a student is unable to complete or withdraw from their course(s) because of extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control.

Tuition Refund

A Former Quarter Drop is not a petition for a tuition refund; by default, all tuition forfeiture policies will apply to a Former Quarter Drop. Students wishing to submit a Tuition Forfeiture Petition must contact Student Fiscal Services.

Former Quarter Drop Resources for Non-Seattle Students

Former Quarter Drop Review Dates

  • FQD Petitions will be reviewed by OUR within 2-3 weeks of the petition’s initial submission date.
  • Students seeking to submit an FQD Petition for the quarter currently in progress should be aware that the Former Quarter Drop Review Board cannot change academic history for approved petitions until grades have been posted. Grades are not posted until after the quarterly grade submission deadline.
  • It is strongly recommended that students petitioning for a current quarter FQD withdraw themselves from the quarter.
  • Current quarter FQD Petitions will be held for review until the dates posted here.
Quarter/Year Petition Review Dates
Spring 2020 Petition review begins June 17, 2020
Summer 2020 Petition review begins August 25, 2020
Autumn 2020 Petition review begins December 23, 2020
Winter 2021 Petition review begins March 24, 2021

Former Quarter Drop Eligibility

  • The student is incapable of completing their course(s) because of an extenuating circumstance beyond their control.
  • An extenuating circumstance prevented the student from dropping their course(s) by the published course drop deadline for the quarter.
  • The FQD Petition is submitted within one year of the quarter being petitioned. If a student wishes to submit an FQD Petition beyond the one-year deadline, it must be supported by a UW school professional explaining why the petition should be considered past the one-year deadline.
  • Former Quarter Drop Petitions will not be processed once a degree has been conferred.

Former Quarter Drop Request Process

The Former Quarter Drop Petition is available to UW-Seattle students who are not registered via UW Professional and Continuing Education (PCE).

Prior to Submitting the Petition

  • Students are responsible for reviewing all the information on this page before completing and submitting the Former Quarter Drop Petition.
  • Separate FQD Petitions with supporting materials must be submitted for each quarter being petitioned.
  • FQDs will not be granted for coursework that has already been applied to a completed degree.
  • Submission of an FQD Petition does not guarantee it will be approved.
  • Students with F-1 Visa status should meet with an International Student Services (ISS) adviser to be apprised of any Visa status changes due to FQD approval.
  • Students submitting an FQD Petition within two weeks of the end of the quarter should first consider requesting an “I” (Incomplete) grade from instructors.

Requirements for Submitting the Petition

  • An active UWNetID is required to access and submit an FQD Petition.
  • Incomplete petitions will be referred to the FQD Review Board.
  • Student statements are required:
    • The student must submit a concise statement clearly outlining the circumstances for the FQD Petition (e.g., describing the extenuating circumstance beyond their control).
    • How these circumstances affect the student’s ability to complete coursework for the course(s) being petitioned.
    • How these circumstances prevent the student from dropping the course(s) by the drop deadline.
  • Appropriate supporting materials are required:
    • Students will be required to upload supporting materials when submitting the FQD Petition. Below are examples of why a Former Quarter Drop may be requested, as well as suggested supporting materials that may be submitted with the FQD Petition.
    • All supporting materials must be in English. Materials not originally written in English must be translated by an accredited translator or a third-party professional, and the translator’s contact information must be included.
Reason for Requesting FQD Suggested Supporting Materials
Issues related to personal health or illness
  • Statement from physician on letterhead including dates of service
  • Copy of medical records
  • Copy of police report
  • Copy of insurance statements
Illness or accident of immediate family or family member
  • Detailed explanation of family member’s medical circumstances, including the name and relationship of the family member to you
  • Copy of police report
  • Copy of insurance statements
Loss of employment of self, immediate family, or family member
  • Statement from former employer on company letterhead for yourself, or
  • immediate family or family member indicating date of termination
Required out-of-town travel or overtime work Statement from employer on company letterhead indicating that a work conflict such as out-of-town travel or overtime work negatively affected your academic success
Loss of housing of immediate family or family member Statement from landlord or bank/mortgage company indicating change to housing situation
Marriage or divorce of self, immediate family or family member Copy of divorce papers
Natural disaster
  • Copy of insurance statements
  • Personal statement including the date(s) the natural disaster occurred and the address at which the disaster occurred
Military duty Copy of military orders showing dates of deployment, training or service
Required to relocate Statement from employer on company letterhead indicating date of relocation
Birth of immediate family or family member
  • Copy of birth announcement
  • Copy of birth certificate or adoption papers
Loss of childcare of immediate family or family member Letter from childcare provider indicating date of loss of childcare
Death of immediate family or family member
  • Copy of obituary
  • Copy of memorial service announcement or program
  • Copy of death certificate
Other Supporting materials must clearly and explicitly describe the unexpected and involuntary change to your circumstances along with an explanation of how it prevented you from dropping or completing a course(s) during the quarter you are requesting the Former Quarter Drop (FQD). The supporting materials must also indicate how you have resolved these circumstances so that they will not continue to affect your academic progress in the future.

Information for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers may complete the Healthcare Provider PDF form when a student has requested supporting materials to support their FQD Petition. The completed form can be provided to the student or emailed to

Healthcare Provider Form [pdf]

Submit the Petition

  • A UWNetID is required to access the Former Quarter Drop Petition.
  • Incomplete petitions will be referred to the FQD Review Board.
  • Note: The form may still reflect Hardship Withdrawal

Former Quarter Drop Petition Form

After Submitting the Petition

  • The OUR’s decision will be sent to the student’s email address within two to three weeks after the petition is submitted.
  • If the petition is not able to be approved or additional information is required for review, the petition will be referred to the FQD Review Board and a member will contact the student. Please review the Former Quarter Drop FAQs for information.
  • Approved petitions will result in the student’s transcript reflecting a grade of RD (Registrar Drop) for the petitioned course(s).
  • Grades cannot be restored once an FQD Petition has been granted.
  • No details of hardship will be shared with anyone outside the FQD Review Board.

Campus Support Resources

Nothing is more important than a student’s health and well-being. Students who may be struggling with medical, emotional, or behavioral issues that are impacting their academic success are strongly encouraged to reach out to one of the following resources for support and to help create a plan to address any struggles being experienced. Below are some key resources at the University of Washington that can help support students in this regard.

Student Life
A comprehensive website of wellness and health-related services. Husky Health & Well-Being
Undergraduate Academic Affairs (UAA)
Advising and academic planning services. UAA Advising
Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity (OMAD)
Advising and assistance for students from low-income families, students who are first in their family to graduate from a four-year college, and underrepresented minority students. Academic Counseling
UW Police (UWPD)
Confidential advocacy and support for victims of crime. Victim Advocacy