Office of the University Registrar

Former Quarter Drop FAQs

What will happen when I submit my FQD petition?

Your campus registrar will review the FQD and supporting materials. If they can approve your request based on the statement and supporting materials that you have provided with your petition, they will let you know that it was approved and the previous grade earned will be changed to “RD” for Registrar Drop, the grade points and credits will be taken out of your quarterly and cumulative GPA. The course, course number, and RD will remain on your academic transcript.

If the campus registrar is not able to approve the petition and/or you did not provide supporting materials, it will be referred to the Former Quarter Drop Review Board. A member of the board will contact you to discuss your petition and will recommend a decision to the campus registrar. This process is over a ninety-day period.

Why would a Former Quarter Drop petition not be approved?

Petitions may not be approved if the Former Quarter Drop Review Board finds that your situation does not meet the criteria outlined for granting a Former Quarter Drop (FQD).

Examples include:

Deadline Issues
Submitted outside of the 1-year submission deadline or supporting materials were not received from a UW professional for an extension.

Supporting Materials Issues

  • Supporting materials detailing how the course under petition was specifically affected by the situation (for partial FQDs) is not provided
  • Supporting materials such as death certificate not provided or the familial relationship to the deceased was not clearly substantiated
  • Third-party professional supporting materials were not provided
  • Acceptable medical records are not provided or did not contain all requested information as per the HW Health Care Provider Form
  • Where the supporting materials have not been translated into English by an accredited translator or third-party professional, or their contact information is not provided

Other Issues

  • The situation is considered an academic issue, and therefore not under the jurisdiction of the FQD Review Board.
    • For academic issues, please see the Grade Appeal Procedure
  • The situation is not considered beyond the student’s control
  • The student’s degree has already been conferred