Office of the University Registrar

Time Schedule FAQ

The following FAQs are to assist students. A complimentary FAQ is available for advisers, staff and faculty.

Can I change quiz section without dropping the lecture section?

Yes, but you must make all changes in a single transaction. Mark the “drop” check-box next to the quiz or lab you are currently registered for and enter the Schedule Line Number (SLN) for the quiz or lab. Then click submit.

Will I use my annual drop if I change from one quiz to another quiz?

No, you are allowed to move from one quiz section to another without using your annual drop if you include all requests in the same transaction.

Will I be charged a fee if I change from one quiz section to another after the first week of the quarter?

Yes, any adjustment to your schedule after the 7th calendar day of the quarter will result in a course change fee.

Will changing from one quiz to another quiz after the first week of the quarter create a $20 change fee?

Yes, any adjustment to your schedule after the 7th calendar day of the quarter will result in a course change fee.

If there is more then one lecture section of the same course, can I register for a Section A lecture and a Section BA quiz?

No, you must select from the list of related quiz sections immediately following a specific lecture section in the Time Schedule.

I want to overload a section with primary and secondary sections. Do I need an Entry Code for both the lecture and quiz?


Can the prerequisites or registration restriction be different between the lecture and the quizzes?

Prerequisites apply to both the lecture and the quiz. Registration restrictions however may differ between the lecture and quiz sections.

The lecture says it is open but the quizzes are all closed. Is this an error?

No, not necessarily. Quiz section course limits may not match the limit for the lecture. Departments may change the limit of either the lecture or quizzes, as a means of managing registration.

Can I register just for the lecture section and add a quiz section later?

No, if a primary lecture section has a secondary component (quiz, lab, etc.), you must enter in the Schedule Line Numbers (SLN) for both.

If I drop the lecture will it automatically drop me from my quiz (and vice versa)?

No. The system will remind you that you must drop the lecture and the lab, quiz, or any other secondary section all in the same transaction.

How will the course appear on my transcript?

The lecture (primary) section only will be listed on your UW transcript.

I'm only allowed one annual drop. Will I be able to drop both a lecture and a quiz after the second week of the quarter and have it count as one drop?

Yes, the system will count one lecture and one quiz of the same group as one drop.

Is there step-by-step help on how to use the system?

Yes, we have posted step-by-step documentation (including screen shots) at the Student Systems Help Center.