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A Record of Achievement

A transcript is a record of student achievement at the University of Washington and classes taken at any UW campus will appear on one transcript. The University of Washington has partnered with Parchment to accept and process online orders for official transcripts for all three UW campuses. Students, former students, and alumni are able to order official transcripts 24 hours/day, 7 days/week. Official transcripts can be sent electronically or mailed in hard-copy format. Official transcripts are not available for in-person pickup.

Ordering Transcripts

Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are available at no cost to current or former students who attended after 1983 with an active UWNetID by logging into MyUW.

Unofficial Transcript

Official Transcripts

Official transcripts are available for purchase and delivery from the Parchment document service with or without a UWNetID.

Parchment [UWNetID]

Transcript Fees

Payment is processed by Parchment and “College Transcript” will appear as the credit card preauthorization and/or transaction.

Transcript Type Transcript Fee
per transcript
Printing Fee
per transcript
Shipping Fee
per recipient
PDF – Delivered to Recipient $11
PDF – Delivered to College/University $11
PDF – Downloaded by Third-Party $11
Printed – 1st Class Mail $11 $2.40 $0
Printed – FedEx to 48 states $11 $2.40 $23
Printed – FedEx to Alaska/Hawaii $11 $2.40 $30
Printed – FedEx International $11 $2.40 $53

Identity Verification & UWNetID

Parchment requires student identity verification and transcript order authorization to comply with FERPA regulations. Students may authenticate their identity by being logged in with their UWNetID which allows for quicker verification by Parchment. However, a UWNetID is not required to place a transcript order. Students will be asked to provide personal identification markers that Parchment will use to match with UW student identity records.

Official transcripts display the same name that is associated with your Student Record Name in the University’s student database. Please keep this in mind when entering your information on the ordering screen and be sure to include any previous names if you have changed your name since attending UW. Be advised that if you have a different name on file with the Alumni Association or another UW organization, or if you are a current or previous employee (including student employment), the name that displays on your MyUW and the transcript ordering page may be different than what is in the student database. The same name that appears on your unofficial transcript on MyUW is what will appear on an official transcript.

If you wish to update your information in our student database to have a new, Student Record Name appear on your official transcripts, please refer to the University’s Name Change Process.

Parchment [UWNetID] Parchment
UWNetID recovery requires a UW Student Number (UWID) and Private Access Code (PAC), which can be obtained by contacting the UWIT Help Desk at 206-221-5000.

Students Who Attended Prior to 1983

Records for students who attended the University of Washington prior to 1983 may be on microfilm. Thanks to the enhancements of Parchment, these students may now request and receive official, electronic transcripts. While placing a transcript order, please provide as much information as possible to assist in locating records, such as:

  • Approximate dates of attendance
  • Other names (e.g., maiden, married, name changes)

If you attended prior to 1983 and are seeking an unofficial transcript, these documents cannot be obtained via Parchment and cannot be emailed. Please contact for assistance with requesting your unofficial transcripts.

Special Service Requests

Transcript Order Holds

Students may request a transcript order be held until grades or degrees have posted. However, students are encouraged to check their unofficial transcript prior to placing an order with Parchment to:

  • Verify grades have posted from recent quarter(s)
  • Verify a degree has been awarded and its conferral date
  • Verify grade changes have been posted

The Office of the University Registrar will not authorize a reprint or reorder, for free, of official transcripts because of a failure to do so.

Transcript Matching Forms

Students sending their transcripts to application services such as AMCAS, LSAC, NCARB, SOPHAS, AACOMAS or other professional certification, examination, and licensing agencies will be able to provide any application service ID or upload required forms while ordering through Parchment. Parchment provides a list of established agencies to select from within the order form.

Graduate/Professional Record-Only

If you attended the University of Washington as both an Undergraduate and a Graduate/Professional level student, you can choose to order an official transcript of only your Graduate/Professional record.

Do not place an order for a Graduate/Professional Record transcript if you have only attended as an Undergraduate or Non-Matriculated student.

Parchment Customer Support

Parchment representatives are available from 5:00 am to 5:00 pm (PST), Mon-Fri, to answer questions or help with ordering transcripts online.

Parchment Support

Students may also check the status of their order by visiting the Parchment Self ServicePlus webpage and entering their order number.

Parchment Self-ServicePlus

UW PCE Academic Records

Students who were only enrolled in non-credit/clock hour coursework or completed a certificate through UW Professional and Continuing Education (PCE) through the Continuum College will not have a transcript record. An unofficial record of continuing education courses is available (NetID required). Official copies may be obtained by contacting the UW PCE Records Office.