Office of the University Registrar

November 3, 2020

Keyboard Mapping

What is keyboard mapping?

Mapping out your keyboard is a way to customize your keyboard when you are using the SDB.

Below are the steps to map your keyboard:

Step 1. Select Keymap Editor below the Tools menu option.

Step 2. Select the key you would like to map and then select Map Selected Key. In this scenario, I’ve chosen to map my Enter key to perform the Send command.

Step 3. Enter in the applicable keyboard mapping code.

Keyboard Mapping codes

  • SEND key:      \033OM

  • Home key:     \033[H

  • Back Tab:        \eOQ

  • F Keys:             \eOPSRT### \eOM  (Replace ### with the appropriate screen number) The F Keys function like a bookmark feature. Try “bookmarking” your most frequented screens by mapping your F Keys out with these keyboard mapping codes