Office of the University Registrar

Electronic Academic Records System

EARS allows authorized UW staff to access official student record information in a web-based interface. Use of this system is restricted to advisers and campus administrative staff.

Advisers and Administrative Staff

EARS Login
UW NetID and Duo 2FA required

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EARS training

EARS training course

FERPA Acknowledgment

EARS provides access to student academic information, so it is, therefore, subject to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. FERPA protects the privacy of student education records. EARS information is available only to university staff when required for the performance of their responsibilities to the university.

For me information, please review FERPA for Students and FERPA for Faculty and Staff.

Under FERPA, users of EARS agree that they:

  • Have a legitimate need to access student information in performance of their university duties.
  • Will not share or otherwise permit any access to a student’s information with others without written consent from the student.