Office of the University Registrar

Taking Planned or Unexpected Time Off, or Transferring from UW

Many students take planned time away from UW or need to stop taking classes unexpectedly, while others choose to transfer. Planning your time off and telling the university you intend to do so can make your entry back into school easier, avoid any unnecessary hurdles, and get the support from staff to assist in your exit and return. If you need or want to take time off, or if you are planning to transfer, please fill out the below Exit Indicator survey for your campus.

To officially withdrawal from classes you must complete the current quarter drop process.

Undergraduate leave/withdrawal policies and checklists

To make it easy for undergraduate students to take time off and return, the university has a one-quarter-off “no questions asked” policy. This means students can take any quarter off (summer does not count as a quarter off) and enroll the next quarter without a change in their status. However, time off can impact financial aid, visa status, access to campus housing, etc. Completing the items in the withdrawal checklist can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls regardless of whether you are taking a future quarter off, completing a withdrawal, or transferring.

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Undergraduate Returning Student Process and Checklist

After taking a second consecutive quarter off (not including summer) you will need to submit a Returning Student Form and pay an $80 enrollment confirmation fee to reactivate your status as a student registered for classes. When you plan to return, the Returning Student Checklist will be an important asset to guide you back.

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Graduate student leave policy

Graduate students have a different policy regarding leave. Please review information on Graduate On-Leave Status.

Student Success Offices

For additional support and guidance on taking planned time off, connect with the student success office on your campus.