Office of the University Registrar

Returning Student Process

Welcome Back to the University of Washington!

The Returning Student Process is designed for undergraduate or professional-level students wishing to return to the University of Washington after an absence of one quarter or more (excluding summer quarter).

The following steps will guide you through the process to reactivate your student account and prepare you to register for a future quarter. Once you have submitted your Returning Student Request Form, you’ll be able to clear any holds you may have on your registration, and then confirm your intention to enroll through the Enrollment Confirmation System.

You may request to return to the University of Washington if you:

  • Have been away for more than one quarter (excluding summer quarter). Withdrawing from one quarter and not attending the subsequent quarter constitutes an absence of two consecutive quarters, which triggers the need to submit the Returning Student Request Form, AND
  • Have not obtained a degree in their last enrolled student category, either from the University of Washington or from another institution.

The ability to return as a student to the University of Washington is granted at the discretion of the University.

Eligibility factors which may be considered include, but are not limited to:

  • space availability in the major in which you were previously enrolled
  • activities during the period in which you were not enrolled
  • prior disciplinary action

Ready to Return? Get Started in Five Easy Steps

Step One: Returning Student Request Form

Complete and submit the Returning Student Request Form. We’ll collect your current contact information and additional data that we need to reactivate your student account.

This form is only for undergraduate and professional students who have not completed their UW degree. Do not complete this form if you have already graduated, or if you are a Graduate or Non-Matriculated student.
Returning Student Request Form

Step Two: Email Confirmation

Watch for an email from your campus registration team confirming that your Returning Student Request Form has been processed.

Once you have been notified that your Returning Student Request Form has been processed you will receive an email prompting you to confirm your enrollment for the returning quarter you indicated.

Step Three: Check and Clear Any Registration Holds

After you receive an offer to return, log in to Log into MyUW and check on any holds that may prevent you from registering. These could be placed on your account for tuition and fees still owed from a prior quarter, behavioral holds, departmental holds related to satisfactory academic progress, or any other holds associated with blocking registration until you take the required action.

We encourage you to resolve whatever registration holds might be on your account first before proceeding to Step Five.

Step Four: Meet with your Adviser

To prepare for your transition to campus, meet with your academic adviser to plan your class schedule for your return quarter. Remember to check Log into MyUW for information about registering for classes.

Step Five: Confirm Your Quarter to Return

When you are ready, confirm your enrollment for the quarter you wish to return to the UW.

You will be required to pay a non-refundable Enrollment Confirmation Fee:

UW Bothell UW Seattle UW Tacoma
$60 $80 $60

Completing the Enrollment Confirmation step is required before you will be allowed to register and to continue your studies.


Be advised that students returning to the University of Washington may not necessarily be readmitted under their previous residency classification. It is highly suggested that after you register for classes you check your tuition statement to ensure the tuition rate and fees are charged correctly. Students should be prepared to complete any necessary application and documents required to correct their classification with the Residency Office.

Returning Student Deadlines

You must complete all steps of the Returning Student process, including registering for classes for your return quarter by the end of the Returning Student Process Deadline day of the quarter you wish to return.

Quarter Step One: Request Form Submission Deadline Steps Two-Five: Completion Deadline*
Spring 2024 March 24, 2024 April 5, 2024
Summer 2024 June 16, 2024 June 28, 2024
Autumn 2024 September 24, 2024 October 4, 2024
Winter 2025 January 5, 2025 January 17, 2025
Spring 2025 March 23, 2025 April 4, 2025
Summer 2025 June 22, 2025 July 4, 2025

UW Bothell and UW Tacoma

Returning Students to UW Bothell and UW Tacoma may have unique deadlines and other requirements for resuming your studies. Check with your respective campus registration team for more information. If you have any questions on the Returning Student Process, email your campus registration team.

Campus Registration Team Resource EC Fee
UW Bothell Returning Student Process $60
UW Tacoma Returning Student Re-enrollment $60

Graduate Students

Students previously registered in the Graduate School who have failed to maintain graduate student status (on-leave status was not secured or registration was not maintained) but wish to resume studies within the same degree program must file a request for reinstatement to the Graduate School.

Graduate students who are returning from official on-leave status do not complete the Returning Student Request Form. Review the Graduate On-Leave Status for on-leave eligibility, the procedure for requesting leave, and information about reinstatement.

For questions regarding on-leave status or the graduate reinstatement process, please contact the Graduate Program Advisor within your graduate program and/or Graduate Enrollment Management Services at or 206.685.2630.

Productivity Platforms

Please be aware that the UW G Suite and/or UW Office 365 email & productivity platform account(s) and data that you create with your UW email address are temporary and will expire when you graduate and/or separate from the UW. However, you do have the ability to forward your UW email address to a personal, non-UW email address as a student and upon separation from the UW.