Office of the University Registrar

Medical Student Applicants

Applicants to the School of Medicine must meet the following criteria based on their current status:

For NEW residents of Washington:

To be considered as residents for admission purposes to the University of Washington, School of Medicine, students must complete the following criteria:

  1. Students must be physically present in Washington and fulfill the residency requirements at least 6 consecutive months prior to the UW School of Medicine secondary application deadline. If there is sufficient documentation, it is suggested that they will continue to fulfill the residency requirements up to the time they enroll at the University of Washington. See Residency Requirements for details.

Upon completion, students will need to complete and sign the Residence Questionnaire form (both pages). This process requires all documentation of students’ establishment of domicile and financial independence.

Original copy of the form must be returned to our office. Emails and faxes are not accepted.

For CURRENT residents of Washington:

Students who are current residents of Washington and attending school out-of-state, please reference Washington Residents Absent from State and follow the proper guidelines.


Review process may take approximately three to four weeks. Residency staff will contact students, if additional information is needed.

Note for all Medical Student applicants: When completing the questionnaire, students should be marking the categories “New,” “Professional,” and type “UWSOM” in the blank line next to “School.” Students can disregard the “ID Number” and leave this section blank. Please ensure the email address provided is valid and legible as this is the only form of communication between our office and the students.


For more information, please reference the Residency FAQs.


The information on this page is for students verifying their legal residency; not School of Medicine Residency and Clinical Fellowship training.