Office of the University Registrar

More information: Reject

Rejecting a course: You may occasionally need to remove a course permanently from a requirement.

  1. DARS usually shuffles courses eligible for use in more than one AofI to the best advantage of the student once the student has the required credits in each area. However, DARS occasionally places a course in the wrong area. You can fix that by forcing the course out of that requirement. Use the PSNAME for that purpose, found on your GenEd reference table.TIP: We strongly recommend that you do not move a course from, say, A&H to SSc before the student has enough other credits of A&H. Instead, ask the student to be patient!
  2. DARS may use an elective course that brings the major GPA below the minimum even though a course with a better grade is available. You can remove the low-graded course, and the other will take its place.

    NOTE: Your Reference Table gives you another option for “fixing” the GPA: In the section on “GPA in Major” you should find the PSNAME that will allow you to remove the low-graded from the GPA calculation while still allowing it to satisfy a major requirement.


    • There’s no need to insert a comment into the audit when you remove a course.
    • PSNAMEs used to reject/remove courses usually end in -R, -RJ, -REJ.