Office of the University Registrar

Annual Dean’s List

The University of Washington recognizes students after each academic year for their high scholarship award and inclusion on the Annual Dean’s List. A suitable notation of this achievement is recorded on the student’s University transcript.

Annual Dean’s List Criteria

To qualify for the Annual Dean’s List, a matriculated undergraduate student must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree and have achieved a quarterly GPA of 3.50 in 12 or more numerically graded credits each quarter for three quarters of the academic year (summer through spring). Review additional information about the Annual Dean’s List.

Annual Dean’s List Notation

The official University record that a student has qualified for the Annual Dean’s List is the notation on the student’s UW transcript.

Annual Dean’s List Recipients – 2021-2022

The Office of the University Registrar has discontinued the printing and mailing of the Annual Dean’s List Certificate. Students who attain the Annual Dean’s List achievement are recognized only on this website. Only students who have authorized the release of Student Directory Information AND who have received the Annual Dean’s List notation on their UW transcripts are reflected here. Annual Dean’s List recipients are organized by campus.

Bothell Recipients Seattle Recipients Tacoma Recipients

[Posted January 25, 2023]