Office of the University Registrar

Quarterly Dean’s List

The University of Washington congratulates students each quarter for their high scholarship and inclusion on their college’s Dean’s List. A suitable notation of this achievement is placed on the student’s University transcript.

Dean’s List Criteria

To qualify for the quarterly Dean’s List, a student must be pursuing their first undergraduate degree and attain a quarterly GPA of 3.50 or higher in at least 12 graded credits. Review additional information about the Dean’s Letter.

Dean’s List Notation

The official University record that a student has qualified for the Dean’s List is the notation on the student’s UW transcript.

Dean’s List Letter

Students are notified via email of their academic achievement and presented with an option to access their Dean’s Letter (PDF) for the most recent quarter.

  • Dean’s List letter format: Students must access their letter on a device capable of viewing and downloading PDF documents.
  • Timeline: Students have approximately 90 days after receiving the email notification to access and download the Dean’s List letter for the most recent quarter. Dean’s List letters cannot be retrieved following this 90-day period.
  • UW NetID**: Students must log in using their personal UW NetID and password to access and download a PDF version of the Dean’s List letter.

Dean’s List Letter Delivery

Students will receive an email with their Dean’s List Letter no earlier than one quarter after they’ve made the Dean’s List.

Dean’s List Quarter Letter Delivery
Summer Winter
Autumn Spring
Winter Summer
Spring Autumn

**Technical Troubleshooting

Students who experience trouble viewing their Dean’s List letter should:

  1. Computer: Access the letter using a laptop or desktop computer as some mobile devices may fail to download the PDF.
  2. UW NetID: Make sure to log in with your personal UW NetID.
  3. Web Browser: Close all browser windows, clear cache, and log in again using your personal UW NetID.
  4. Submit a Ticket: Continued difficulties with accessing a Dean’s List letter should be reported via email to Students should include their student ID number, specific errors, which quarter, and related details.
Please direct all questions regarding Dean’s List Letter timing, release date, transcript notations, or non-troubleshooting issues to

Dean’s List Recipients – Autumn 2022

Students who attain the Dean’s List achievement are recognized on this website following the distribution of their electronic letter. Only students who have authorized the release of Student Directory Information AND who have received a Dean’s List letter are reflected here. Dean’s List recipients are organized by campus.

Bothell Recipients Seattle Recipients Tacoma Recipients
Posted March 14, 2023